Why is it important to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer and Videographer?

With the explosion of internet real estate listings, hiring a real estate photographer and videographer adds flair and edge to any campaign. However, some old-school agents still hesitate and wonder if it is important to hire a real estate photographer or videographer. In this article, we will explore why teaming up with real estate marketing professionals that offer state-of-the-art images and video for your campaign sets you apart from the competition and puts you on top.

Importance of Photography and Videography

If you have a premium property, then you might think that it will sell itself due to its location and amenities. Yes, those factors still matter but creating a cutting-edge campaign with photography and videography can help the property sell faster and for more money. Buyers are turning to online services first to find the properties they envision. They will scroll through the listings quickly, so you have only a few seconds to grab their attention, so they click on the property’s information. In today’s internet era, you want a buyer to stop on the listing, click on it, and then call about.

Make an Impression

Once a potential client clicks on a listing you have only a short time to make an impression before their attention and curiosity start to wander and they move on to the next listing. The images should instantly intrigue and capture their attention, so it is imperative that you use quality shots in your campaign. Adding video, such as aerial drone footage, is another perk that is going to entice a buyer to want to learn more about the listing. 

Photographs of the Property

With high-end cellphones and cameras, many agents think that they can play photographer and make the property look fantastic. However, it takes skill and training to choose the right angles and correct lighting to knock the ball out of the ballpark. A skilled photographer can capture the best in the property, no matter what the condition. 

More Than Just a Picture

A general photographer might take a quick picture without any thought to the content. A professional real estate photographer will move things around to make the room look bigger or less cluttered the maximize the properties appeal. We also offer virtual furniture if required for houses that are empty to help capture potential buyer’s attention.

Videography to Showcase the Area

One of the big things that set many properties apart is the location and the surrounding landscape. With a drone videography, an aerial view of the can highly schools, shops and location regarding the beach or key amenities. A buyer can see the property, landscaping, neighbours, and region. Imagine if the property is situated by the beach or near the statuesque blue mountains. Perhaps the community is small and quaint. All these things can be described verbally but words fail to do the region justice. Instead, providing a video with the marketing campaign of the region is sure to grab a buyer’s attention. 

At V-Mark Design, we know the reasons why you should hire a professional real estate photographer or videographer. We offer professional photography services, videos, virtual tours, and aerial photography. Please contact us today to learn more!