Finding the right real estate videographer in Sydney is extremely important as you are not only selling your vendors largest asset but also showcasing your real estate agency at the same time. Our team of cinematographers have over 15 years’ experience in filming real estate properties around Sydney. The best part about V-Mark Design is the real estate video is edited and ready to go live on the internet within 24-48 hours.

Our skilled real estate videographers have extensive film equipment including: Black Magic, Canon, Sony, Cinema lenses, Ronin S, Rode mics and phantom 4 drones. Having the best equipment in the industry helps to elevate your real estate property to a whole new level as our real estate drone pilots demonstrate. A real estate video of your property in Sydney should be an informative source during any property search and the more time they explore the property the more chance they have of attending your open home.Read More.


Corporate training videos are a great way of circulating information about the companies processes and procedures to help train new employees. Without a training video, your employees will need a professional and experienced training each time, costing time, money, and resources.

The team at V-Mark Design is highly skilled at producing informative training videos making them an effective solution for this problem. Corporate training videos can be very beneficial for not only large businesses but also small companies as well. Starting with an induction video, containing a presentation about your company is an ideal way to introduce your new employees to the workings of your business. Read More…


The team at V-Mark Design is highly skilled at producing promotional videos by creating eye catching content to build brands awareness. Promotional videos can be very beneficial for not only large businesses but also small companies as well. Having a catchy short promotional video is a great way to draw your customers attention.

Training videos can serve many purposes, such as training your staff about new policies, safety issues, business growth, etc. Staff training is an integral part of any business. Employees should be trained from time to time to keep them updated about the latest advancements and developments in technology. Well trained employees are an asset to any business. Read More.


A compelling product launch video for your marketing campaign can make all the difference to your product launch. Product launches videos often involve risk. This means it’s vital to support your campaign with powerful communications to ensure it lands well in the market. With over 20 years experience, we create product launch videos to help get your message across. Our specialisms in animation and product launches make us the perfect partner for your product launch video.  We have an extensive track record of successful campaigns with engineering, medical, and technical companies that need to make complex messages seem simple. Check out our case studies of our previous work below. Read More…


Australian companies are still making opportunities created by social  media video and allows your business to utilize video to advance beyond your rival competitors. How do social videos fit into your promoting plan? Whether you run a small business or work for a big organisation, there is a wide range of approaches to fit social media video into your marketing plan.

Social media, videos can gives on a number of marketing targets. The most basic is building brand awareness or telling your brand’s story. Read more..

V-Mark Design are the market leaders in video and film production covering all marketing needs, we offer a prompt professional and cost effective services.

V-Mark Design is the superior choice for Sydney marketing agencies and real estate agents looking to create a distinct and polished marketing campaign.

In one easy phone call and we can arrange our experienced team of videographers, photographers, copywriters and floor planners.