What is the difference between a coloured, basic colour and Black/White floor plan?

 Successful real estate agents know the importance of floorplans for creating a successful marketing campaign to sell a property. However, many might wonder what is the difference between a colored, basic color, or black/white floor plan? 

At V-Mark Design, our floor planning team provides black/white plans, premium coloured and textured plans, and 3D renderings. All the floor plans are customized and further branded to meet specific requirements. We present them in an easy-read print and web-ready format so an agent can quickly load them into any campaign to stand out. 

Black and White Floor Plans 

The easy-to-read simplicity of a black and white floor plan is undeniable and very appealing. Floor plans precisely showcase and portray the crucial components in any single floor of a building from the top view angle. It is displayed from the vertical position, which is achieved between the ceiling and floor, so the viewer is looking down. With a black/white floor plan, the exact positioning of components such as the doors, windows, and walls are displayed. Additional physical features can also be added like sinks, fireplaces, water heaters, bathtub, toilets, and columns. The floor plan can be simple or intricate depending on the agent’s needs. 

Without a doubt, black and white floor plans will remain a must-have for many campaigns because they are easy-to-read and need no real explanation. 

Premium Colored and Textured Floor Plans 

Coloured and textured floor plans are ideal for architectural websites, brochures, and campaigns for residences that have not even been built yet because they provide a very realistic image. Also, coloured floor plans are great for homes that boast modern designs such as open floor plans. With traditional black and white floor plans, it’s often hard to tell where one room ends, and another begins but with coloured and textured plans the contrasts are easy to achieve.

Accentuating a floor plan with colour also makes it seem more alive and livable. Tile, wood flooring, carpeting, and other textures are also added to bring the design to life. Adding paint or wallpaper gives would-be buyers a sense of space. Colours can unify the space. 

Interactive 3D Floor Plans

Without a doubt, an interactive floor plan can positively influence buyers, so they want to personally view the property. A 3D floor plan allows agents to actively engage with buyers. A campaign with 3D floor plans enhances the appearance of the campaign and spurs buyers to seek communication. The goal is to always increase engagement and interactive floor plans influence buyers positively. 

Taking Things One Step Further with Site Plans 

Floor plans are not just focused on the interior of a residence or business. They can also display the exterior to give a potential vendor an idea of where the key features are located such as garages, pools, tennis courts, hardscaping, and landscaping. 

If you are interested in adding floor plans to your marketing campaign please contact V-Mark Design to learn more about our extensive services.